Why PTE(Pearson Test of English) ?

Fully computerized:

PTE academic exam is entirely computer based devoid of any sort of human intervention. It eliminates any sort of bias arising from cultural or personality differences. Unlike IELTS which is a paper based exam where subjectivity can influence the outcome, PTE remains thoroughly objective in assessment, where the only criteria is performance.

Results are quicker:

Reduced wait time is another benefit of taking a PTE test. Assessment is instantaneous as it’s a computer based exam. Results are sent to the takers within 5 working days. That’s the maximum turn-around time. Most of the test takers get their results within 2 days of appearing in the test. Other language based exams take a while to prepare results, IELTS for instance may take as many as two weeks and even more at times.

Test dates are flexible:

This is another advantage for the test takers. Students can take the test 363 days a year. There are 14 authorized centers for PTE. One can easily choose the nearest PTE center on a suitable for appearing in the test.

Comprehensive analysis:

PTE is a comprehensive test which assesses not only the test taker’s communicative ability (Reading, Speaking, Writing & Listening), but also their enabling skills such as Grammar, Vocabulary, Fluency, Spelling, Pronunciation and so forth).

Test format:

SPEAKING & WRITING (77 – 93 minutes) READING (32 – 41 minutes) LISTENING (45 – 57 minutes)
Personal Introduction.
Read aloud.
Repeat sentence.
Describe image.
Re-tell lecture.
Answer short question.
Summarize written text.
Essay (20mins).
Multiple-choice, choose single answer.
Multiple-choice, choose multiple answers.
Re-order paragraphs.
Reading: Fill in the blanks
Reading and writing: Fill in the blanks.
Summarize spoken text.
Multiple choice questions.
Fill the blanks.
Highlight the correct summary.
Multiple choice questions.
Select missing word.
Highlight incorrect words.
Write from dictation.